Workshop, Regno Unito, London, 15 ottobre 2017
vacanze per singles italia Competenze: Decoratore, Pulizia, Catering, Barman / Cameriere, Artista
In very short: Costumotions is a non-profit art project where I combine costumes and mental health. Together with the participants we work several months on searching emotional sensations in their bodies, bringing them out in different forms of artistic expression and then transform them into a design. We look at different tinglings and tensions, using our minds eye to see whether the sensations are within the body or pushing out, what shape they might be and of what colour.

After the designs are done, we then go through materials and try to find the matching ones to the design and how the sensations would feel if they were tangible.

I then start creating the costume sculptures, and after they are done they will then be exhibited to raise further awareness of the importance of dealing with our emotions.

I am currently running the project for the first time and am hoping to exhibit in October. Venue to be confirmed! I will run the project again in Autumn, and will be looking for participants.

I am also developing the project further, so if you have any ideas or suggestions for collaboration, I would be happy to hear your ideas!

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