This photographic series is centred around the fabrication of realities and the exploration of the photograph as a vicarious object of desire. ‘Bittersweet’ is a staged photographic series that explores the lives of characters living within their own delusions. The characters’ delusions are repercussions from their penchant to desire a life they can not have, their desire for a new identity. With attempts to assume the roles of these new identities the characters in ‘Bittersweet’ live in a constant state of flux, a mixed reality, between their own fantasies and actuality. Written for the conceptual impetus of ‘Bittersweet’ the narratives behind the cinematic scenes are wielded as parables that speak to the delusional agency of a photograph, its illusion to other worlds and constructed realities, ones that are dreamt of but can never truly be obtained - the audience is privileged a keyhole view, as they peer into another world, what is witnessed is the synthesis that manifests between the viewer and viewed, between external reality and perception. It is the staging of narrative within a frame, creating illusions of other worlds that are the elements that synthesise together to construct alternate realities.

The identification and assimilation with real world objects and subjects within photography manufacture a perception that these fabricated realities are in fact actualities, thus revealing the deceitful nature of the photographic medium itself. This exposes a distorted perception from the way in which world looks through the frame of a photograph, in comparison to what the spectator, in truth, knows as reality. An urge to indulge in fantasy arises through a willingness to believe in the fiction represented in a photograph in order to achieve ones desires. What results is an overwhelming sense of disillusion as one can never achieve mastery over the fictional worlds or characters represented in a photograph.

These photographs narrate scenes of life where flawed characters search for an absolution to their desires succumbing to the power of illusion and the artifice of objects, a reflection of the mechanistic workings of the medium of photography. It is the illusion of the photograph that the spectators experience as they project their own ideals onto the photograph in order to interpret the narrative, leading them to question what is fact or fiction, what is illusion or reality.

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