A Home to Dream Of

A Home to Dream of, 2016
4-Channel Video Installation
Video Durations : 1m ~ infinite loop

A HOME TO DREAM OF is a 4-channel video installation exposing the concept of safety and home as a mirage in a time of global immigrant crisis. By the reveal and destruction of this mirage, the artwork also questions the ephemerality of three-dimensional media and the unknown destinies of artworks.

One channel of the video component documents HOME, a former sculpture exhibited in a public pool as a part of ArtAround 2016 in Istanbul, Turkey. HOME, was executed and represented as a mirage-like structure, a fake island on fake waters, a tempting image adorned with the empty sign of palm trees, a home that one could online imagine.

The digital documentation of HOME is made use as a representation of what is left of a mirage, a memory. The other three video images depict the destruction of the sculpture, distancing the audience from this mirage and denoting its transition to an unknown afterlife.

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